1. Free

From the recording After The Dawn (EP)

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Surrealist painting on an otherwise empty wall
Tells me the rain's gonna come, the sky's gonna fall
Falling stars arenever far away
Let's wish on them before they all go away

A life that wastes and life that never starts
A child that plays and an old man throwing darts
All of this is moving in a straight line
And where is my inspiration this time?

Looking for signs that were there all the time
For the future, but the past didn't rhyme
So I made it fit but they all could see
I was going the wrong way down a one-way street
It took so long to realize
That life moves, moves in a straight line
The wind picked me up above the street
And I can't remember a day when I felt so free

There's a wishing well that's covered by a pane of glass
I wanted all my wishes down there to last
But they changed to wishes I didn't recognize
And where is my inspiration this time?


One day I heard a hand brush across my floor
The noise grew louder as I opened the door
But just as soon as I heard it, it was gone
Like a morning dew disappearing after the dawn