Brian Dilts Bio

Brian Dilts is a classical pianist, songwriter, composer and teacher. He is originally from Somerville NJ, and now resides in Ardmore, a nice little town outside Philadelphia. 

Brian started studying piano at the age of 9, taking piano lessons with Mr Fedak at United Reformed Church. He was an awesome teacher as it turns out, even though Brian didn't practice much between the ages of 9 and 12. Mostly, he would fool around at the piano, making up songs with his friend Chris Keefe. While spending a lot of time playing video games (Super Mario, Legend Of Zelda), the musical knowledge did get into his brain where it resided in waiting... Until he joined high school choir and discovered Beethoven. Singing the Hallejujah chorus and conducting Beethoven's 5th in his room, music became what he wanted to do. Brian studied music at West Chester University and Temple University, and became a pianist in the process. 

Since then, Brian has performed Bach, Chopin, Beethoven and Debussy in numerous recitals in Philly, as well as accompanying many different choirs including University Chorus at Drexel U. 

To add a new layer to his musical life, he started writing songs. And since then, Brian has self-released three albums, the most recent Pieces Of Light And Dark in Feb. 2016.  Brian loves writing songs, the craft of it, the sheer joy of sitting down and playing a few notes, and finding a song sitting there. He's looking forward to more releases in the coming months and years. 

Brian teaches piano at Drexel University. He lives with his wife Allison and two children, Colin and Cecilia, in Ardmore, PA.