From the recording Pieces Of Light And Dark

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In the middle of the darkest night, not a bird awake
The stillness is louder than an earthquake
There's something tangible there, waiting in mid-air
A ghost serving to remind to leave it all behind

When the future's brighter than the past worn out
Separated from the hands that held you down
There's something tangible there, floating in mid-air
When yesterday is so unkind, time to leave it all behind

It's not as if I haven't tried
Or even haven't cried
But it's getting hard to be
Just who I want to be
And leave the past alone
Stop hanging by the phone

I could walk a million miles in slow motion
Swim through every drop in the ocean
And I stillmay not knowmuch more than what I did before
This wisdom I'll never find till I leave it all behind
Leave it all behind