Behind The Songs #1: Early Morning

I can't believe it's been over 6 months since Pieces Of Light And Dark has been released. To those of you who have purchased my CD or downloaded it, thank you from the bottom of my heart!! Please let me know what you think.  

If you haven't gotten a chance to check out my album yet, you can buy it right here at or any other platform you choose (see links below). I just hope you enjoy the music. And PLEASE let me know you listened and/or purchased my album. Put a comment on my website or on FB or Twitter, and tell me what you thought. I'd love to hear from you.  

So I thought it would be a good time to share stories around some of the songs on Pieces Of Light And Dark. The first one I'd like to share is kind of the "light" on the album, which is Early Morning, written for my then-2 year old son Colin.   

Colin is my first child. Trust me, I was not a morning person when he was born, though I am more of one now. My wife Allison went to work early, so every weekday morning when the little man decided to wake up, I had to be there. Sometimes it was 5:30, sometimes 6 if I was lucky. So, I'd hear his amazing little voice on the monitor and just hoped he would go back to sleep. He almost never did. But with time and adjustment to this schedule I grew to welcome hearing his voice first thing in the morning. I'd walk downstairs to his room and he'd be wide awake ready for life. Those moments of seeing him at the crack of dawn are some of the most beautiful in my memory. Any trepidation about getting up that early would (usually) vanish. 

At that time in my life, I had some unrelated conflict outside of my family (which provide inspiration for Fault, more on that in another blog post). That conflict threatened to undo me at times. But it was at that time that seeing my son with his smile that grounded me and really made me remember what was important. 

One more cool thing is that Colin knows about this song, and actually listens to it every night when he and his sister go to sleep. My next goal? Write one for Cecilia, his sister. Also, she loves when me and my wife sing nursery rhymes, so maybe an album of nursery rhymes for the kids will come soon. J 

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for another blog post next week on another song, Invisible Net. Hope you have a beautiful weekend.  

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