Behind The Songs #2: Invisible Net

Invisible Net is a song with a long history. It started out as a writing exercise after watching Man On Wire in 2010. I liked the rhythm of "I'm standing on a high wire" and just wrote a few pages of second lines, and the verses unfolded from those. I then wrote the chord progression for the verse. In very short order the  rest of the song came together. I particularly like playing with E minor vs E major to pivot back and forth from major key to minor key. (The verse is in C major, the chorus in A minor. E…

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Behind The Songs #1: Early Morning

I can't believe it's been over 6 months since Pieces Of Light And Dark has been released. To those of you who have purchased my CD or downloaded it, thank you from the bottom of my heart!! Please let me know what you think.  

If you haven't gotten a chance to check out my album yet, you can buy it right here at or any other platform you choose (see links below). I just hope you enjoy the music. And PLEASE let me know you listened and/or purchased my album. Put a comment on my website or on FB

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I thought it would be good to tell you a little about myself, if you don't know me already! 
I am a classically trained pianist turned songwriter and composer. I've got three albums, two of which you can get right here at I've also posted some piano arrangements and pieces over at my soundcloud if you want to check those out. Much more to come as well. 

As a pianist, I've done a lot of performing. I'm adding a video at the bottom of this post of me performing Chopin's Scherzo in B-flat Minor…Read more

Welcome to my new website!

Just a quick post to welcome you to my new website! Here in my blog section I will be documenting my creative life. That is, songs I'm writing, ideas I'm sharing with my students, videos I like, piano arrangements, silly pics of my kids, and much much more. 

I hope you'll subscribe to my blog. Enjoy! Please feel free to comment anytime.

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